This is such a simple concept, yet it seems so difficult to apply – especially with people in the manufacturing industry. 

Why is it so difficult to show appreciation? 

I wish more people would truly understand how much sincere appreciation means to hardworking people. I hear it all the time. People do not feel valued and appreciated. 

There seems to be this wacky concept in many people’s head that if you give people too much praise, they will become overly confident and ask for more money. Others seem to think that saying “thank you” has no business value. 

Nothing can be further from the truth and if people ask for money and/or more vacation time and they deserve it, why not give it to them? 

If you want people to care about the business, you have to truly care about them (without an ulterior motive). 

This is a nice Friday project to think about: 

What do you give your attention to? 

  • Positive or negative situations?
  • Strengths or weaknesses?
  • Opportunities or problems? 
  • What goes right or what goes wrong? 
  • What people do right or what they do wrong?
  • Causes of little successes or causes of failure? 

Whatever your answer is, this will influence HOW you communicate. We communicate differently when we are upset, right?

For example, you will have very different language patterns (word choices) if you look for the good in a bad situation or if you only see the bad. Does this make sense? 

Our mind is everything and the way we think will determine the outcome. 

If you think that you can get positive results with a negative mind, I encourage you to think again!

Happy Friday!

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