This is flip chart advice is from some of my workshop attendees. I couldn’t have said it any better. Listening is key – at home and at work.

Are you in the mood of doing a little practical assignment?

Next time you speak with a person you deeply disagree with (could even be your spouse or one of your children):

  • Be present
  • Be curious
  • Bring yourself in the mental state of “wanting to understand” where this person is coming from
  • Ask open-ended questions – What was this like? How did this feel? Why do you believe this is the way to do it? How come we haven’t tried this before?
  • Avoid giving advice (it is his/her experience, not yours)
  • Avoid judgment
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • New perspectives are on the horizon – I promise!

Self-management (= truly listening to someone else instead of listening to the little voice in your head) can be difficult at first and it may feel weird BUT if you would like to improve your listening skills and truly understand, you have to set yourself and your ego aside. You can do it!

Don’t overanalyze, simply listen with the intent to understand. 

Without challenge, there is no change. Trust the process!

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