Happy Tuesday!

I am not sure if this is an age thing but I have reached the point where I couldn’t care less about people who gossip behind my back. 

I honestly think that there will always be good and bad people who talk about you. We are social creatures and gossip is a big part of it. 

I wouldn’t be a woman if I wouldn’t admit that gossiping can be a lot of fun at times and not all gossip is necessarily bad. However, there is an important distinction to be made between gossip that is harmless and gossip that harms others.  

I am a human being and far from perfect but I am also a role model in the corporate world who has to practise what she preaches. 

Here is how I deal with the gossip challenge in the corporate world: 

  • I do my best to remove myself from gossipy conversations
  • I try to focus on the positive in people
  • I try to engage by providing a different perspective, “Are you spreading rumours based on assumptions? How will this reflect on you what you say about another person?” 
  • I prefer to talk to people if something bothers me rather than about them – the people who know me well will confirm that I may be too straight forward at times
  • I don’t say things to other people that I couldn’t say to the person’s face
  • I ask myself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? 
  • Your response to gossipers could be, “I don’t like to speak behind people’s back.”
  • If someone wants to hear something confidential from you simply say, “Can you keep a secret? …… That’s great. Me too.” 

I can promise that if people don’t find an easy target in you, they will find someone else to whine and complain about, and you are off the hook. It won’t be fun to talk to you because you don’t engage in their complaints. 

Just remember, people who gossip about others will also gossip about you. Shhhh…. 

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