I have always believed that having the courage to take risks comes with great rewards.

Doing anything that scares you means taking a risk. The challenge is that most people don’t like uncertainty.

Let me break the news…. Nothing in life is certain. This is an illusion. 

Here is what I notice in companies that leads to a lose-lose situation for the company and the employee.

  • Being afraid of making mistakes (stifled creativity)
  • Being afraid of trying new things (innovation barrier)
  • Being afraid of the consequences when making a decision (low level of trust)
  • Having a bench mark of what used to work (fixed mindset)
  • Focusing on following the process rather than improving it (rules over continuous improvement)
  • Controlling people rather than cultivating behaviours (short-term over long-term focus)
  • Clinging to the past instead of creating the future (helpless and hopeless)

I meet so many dissatisfied people in the corporate world but they rather settle for the negative land of “W” (Wishing, Whining, Wasting everyone’s time) than doing something about it. 

That’s how our mind works. We tend to imagine the worst-case scenario rather than visualizing positive outcomes. 

Be mindful about your own thought process (do your thoughts serve you or limit you?) because what got you here, won’t get you there. 

What person will you have to become to challenge the status quo? 

I totally know that you have what it takes. 

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