Have you ever been frustrated because you didn’t bring your point across, or am I the only one? 

The amount of people who caused tremendous frustration in my life over the course of my lifetime is ridiculous. I have always been too easily frustrated and impatient when it came to other people. I thought that I knew better. 

Did you know that there is the illusion of superiority? That’s when we think we are great at everything and only others have to learn. Fact is that we are all good at something. We have mixed abilities, and nobody is perfect. 

I started to ask myself: “What if I would be able to judge less and appreciate more?”

This would be pretty cool, right? 

Please know that when frustration becomes a habit, you will harm yourself and the people you truly care about. 

Next time you are tempted to speak poorly about others, simply ask yourself: 

  • How will it reflect on me when I am frustrated? 
  • Am I in a curious state (understanding where the other person is coming from) or in a furious state (emotions high, intelligence low)? 
  • When can I go for a short walk to clear my head? 

Be in control of your emotions or they will control you. 

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