Today I would like to tell you a story about a supervisor who attended a series of my leadership classes. 

Let’s call him John (name changed for obvious reasons). 

John came up to me in one of the breaks to tell me about a time when he was a machine operator. His supervisor was a bully and his bullying behaviour was widely accepted by management. This supervisor yelled and screamed, and he pointed out every mistake that was made. He tried to put people down at every opportunity he got. John said that he was one of the worst bosses he has ever had. 

I asked him about his thoughts during this time. He said, “I wanted to learn as much as I could and tune out all the negativity to have the opportunity to be a supervisor one day to demonstrate that there is a different way of dealing with people.” He said that he knew back then that as a supervisor he had a choice to make. 

He could either step into his former supervisor’s footsteps, and belittle and bully people every single day of his life, or he could strive to become the best supervisor that he could be by treating people with dignity and respect. He chose the latter. 

This happened about 3 years ago. By the way, his bullying supervisor finally lost his job when they changed members of their management team. 

Yesterday I found out that John has now been promoted from supervisor to operations manager. He sent me a message to thank me for my leadership workshops and for my daily inspirational messages. He explained how they have helped him and his team to stay focused on being positive and solution-oriented even during the most stressful times. 

Congratulations John! What an inspirational story. 

My message to you today: 

If something bothers you in your work environment right now, observe and reflect. You don’t have to give back as you were given. Lead by example and do better. Focus on what you can influence instead of what you can’t do. Your attitude and your actions will pave the way for your future. 

True fulfillment comes from personal growth and contribution to others. 

Do you think this is worth giving it a try?

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