I have said this before and I will say it again, where you live emotionally is critical for the quality of your personal and professional life. 

In other words, if you feel discouraged, frustrated, hopeless or any other negative emotions on a regular basis, it will affect your health and well-being. 

Nobody should go to work feeling uncomfortable by the way they are treated. 

In German we say, “Was kränkt macht krank.” Translated to English it means “If you feel aggrieved, it will make you sick.” 

Ask yourself the following questions and be brutally honest with yourself:

  • How often do I experience negative emotions?
  • Do I feel anxiety and/or increased levels of stress? 
  • As an adult, do I allow myself to be bullied, disrespected or belittled? 
  • What choices do I have? (you always have a choice – always)
  • What holds me back to make different choices? (negative thoughts, fear, uncertainty, money worries, family)
  • How is my own attitude contributing to what I experience on a daily basis? (don’t allow yourself to be the victim)
  • Can I change my perspective about my current situation? 
  • How can I shift my attention to positive people and events?

Many people choose unhappiness over uncertainty. 

Please don’t be one of them. 

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