Manufacture Your Day by DOING YOUR BEST

If you are a little bit like me and you have a monkey mind (so many ideas and things to do that it will make your head spin), then you may have days where you don’t even know what doing your best looks like. 

Am I right? 

That’s why it is super important to come to terms with it – not every day is a productive day. Let it go and “reset” tomorrow. 

There is something that I have started to do a while ago, which I find extremely helpful. I make sure to answer the following questions at the end of my business day. It takes a lot of discipline but if you manage to make it a habit, it helps you to stay focused on what’s truly important. 

  1. What is one thing that I have done well today? 
  2. Did I make someone else’s day better today? 
  3. What is something that I have learned today (from a mistake, experience, from other people, from a book, magazine, video, from my coach, etc.)? 
  4. What is something that I could have done better today (how I handled a disagreement with someone – personal or professional, how I delivered a message, prospect meeting, phone call with someone, feedback, etc)? 
  5. What am I grateful for today? 

When we remind ourselves that every challenge is an opportunity and when we start to write things down, we will “download” valuable information from our operating system” (the brain). If it’s “downloaded” by bringing your thoughts on paper, our mind will focus on all the great things that you’ve done today or on things that offer an opportunity for improvement.

Stop, breathe, reflect, and get ready to reset. Do you know what I’m talking about? 

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