Manufacture Your Day by DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO

Have you ever promised something and you didn’t follow through? 

Probably. We all have. 

The best is when we promise something to children. They will hold us accountable and they will keep reminding us until we follow through. 

True? Children can be our best teachers and they develop their character based on what they see. 

Did you know that we judge others by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions? Ouch. 

Here are a few examples when people don’t follow through: 

  • Assign Blame: I really wanted to complete it this week BUT I need other people to get it done and they don’t get back to me. 
  • Offer an Excuse: I know you’re waiting for this BUT I am just so busy right now. 
  • Matter of Prioritization: I know that I said that I would get it done this week BUT I am swamped with a few top priority projects.
  • Poor Time Management: I realize that I keep pushing this out BUT there are just not enough hours a day. 
  • Little to No Self-Management (emotional control, motivation): Stop asking me week after week. I do it when I get to it. If this is so important for you, why don’t you make it happen yourself? 
  • Lack of Follow-Through and Commitment: I know I promised twice BUT this time I will try my best to make it happen. If people say “I try”, there is not commitment. 

Assignment for YOU: Please take a moment to reflect and think about what you have to work on in order to follow-through in your personal and in your professional life. 

You will get what you give. It is all about developing trust and building relationships with the people around you. 

Your life experience is a mirror. What do you see? 

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