Sometimes “hanging on” is the only chance you have.

That’s what I used to think. Still true to a certain degree BUT when times are tough, it is good to know that you can develop a strategy for mental strength. Are you interested to learn more?

I wished they would teach this at school. When you are really nervous or afraid about an exam for example. This would have really served me well in the past.

Here are 3 awesome tips on how to build mental strength, which I use myself all the time:

  • Reframe your negative thoughts into positive ones – for example, instead of saying to yourself (inner dialogue) “I can’t make this work” or “This won’t work”, say “If I stay focused and put effort into it, I will make it work” or “It doesn’t work yet but it will”;
  • Look for explanations, not excuses – if things go wrong, examine “why” and strive to learn from it; push your limits and take full responsibility for your own shortcomings instead of blaming the people around you;
  • Prove yourself wrong – the next time when you think you can’t do something, surprise yourself. I know that you underestimate yourself. We all do. “I can’t” and “impossible” shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary.

Nothing comes easy. This will take effort and daily practice. 

The thought process comes up a lot in my emails and in case you ever wonder why, I keep repeating it because people learn best through repetition. Knowing doesn’t equal doing. How you think is the one thing that is definitely 100% within your control. If you master that, you’ll be laughing.

“Hanging on” is good for a day or two, then stop the pity party and develop a mental strategy on getting yourself out of the rut.

Competitive as you are, I think you’ll crush it.

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