Has it ever happened that you found yourself in the middle of a situation that went out of control? 

If this is the case, you need a mental strategy. 

You have to find a way to mentally remove yourself from the situation. 

Our emotions are part of our everyday life and it is all about our ability to regulate these emotions. 

I would like to provide different 5 ways to check in with yourself:

  • How much will this matter in a year from now? 
  • When you react without thinking, do you assign your power to someone else?
  • When emotions are high, intelligence is low – can you keep your mouth under control? 
  • How we feel is a conscious choice, not a fact. Shift focus. How would you like to feel? 
  • Not my circus. Not my monkeys. – Repeat, don’t hang on, let go. 

It’s not worth it to allow anyone to take your peace away. 

Take a deep breath, go for a quick walk and change your facial expression. 

Life is too short to be frustrated, anxious or angry. 

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