Someone has to tell you and it may as well be me. 

It seems the demands are getting bigger and bigger for business owners, management and employees, and it is shocking for me that very few seem to notice the direction we’re going. Our human spirit and mental health is at risk. 

Please allow me to ask a few questions for you to ponder on.

What do you think how it affects health & safety records, quality data, absenteeism and turnover when people have to work 10 – 16 hour days?

That’s right, lately I have met people who work an average of 16 hour days. How can this even be allowed? Have these long hours already become their “new normal”? 

These people have barely time to eat and sleep, never mind getting quality time with family and friends, or some “me-time”. 

People are stressed. People are angry. People are frustrated. People barely have the strength to hold it together. 

If you are interested to get a different perspective, walk around your work environment and simply observe people:

  • How do they walk? (shoulders up or down, high or low energy)
  • How do they interact? (helping each other or working against each other)
  • What do you observe on their faces? (their thought process – positive or negative – can be seen on their faces and this affects their behaviour)

If people are negative, frustrated, angry and stressed, they interact very differently, and the more they’re pushed, the more they will push back.  

Here is what I want you to do:

  • If you are the CEO, President or VP: Listen, observe and ask, “Are you o.k.?”
  • If you are a Manager: Listen, observe and ask, “Are you o.k.?”
  • If you are an Employee: Listen, observe and ask, “Are you o.k.?”

You may just save someone’s life by being more mindful in your work environment.

Please be aware!

Tomorrow I will share my thoughts how these long hours can be reduced.

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