I am disappointed when I see people working in a poisoned environment, toiling in negativity day in and day out. It not only has a detrimental impact on their productivity, but more importantly, on their health and well-being, all for the illusion of security and a regular paycheque. Why do so many organizations ignore their crippled company culture and choose to stick with the status quo? It’s time to wake up! We need to realize that we have to compete in order to survive. We have to keep getting better plant by plant, leader by leader, and employee by employee. 

If you compare gardening to managing people, there really is no difference. The seeds you plant now you will harvest later. 

People demonstrate negative attitudes and behaviours because they’re accepted. Our leaders are swamped with so many demands that it becomes a real challenge to not only address these issues but also to take the time, energy and effort to create sustainable change. There is such a disconnect between many corporate leaders and their workforce that they don’t even realize that there is one. If they do, they don’t know what to do about it. 

If each employee was committed to making small, sustainable improvements, tremendous operational results could be achieved. 

This is an excerpt from my book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?”

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