Manufacture Your Day by CHALLENGING YOUR MIND

3 times a week I am at my 6 am bootcamp. The workouts in my bootcamp are called HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and they are super challenging.

Our gym has the awesome rule that nobody is allowed to say, “I can’t.” This really does wonders for the mind because you just do the exercise to the best of your ability and that’s how you get better and better and better. 

Working out with others has demonstrated to me that some people try harder than others to get better at what they do. We have different kinds of workouts but one of the workouts for about 50 minutes is timed at 80/20 – 80 seconds full out (giving it your best effort) and 20 seconds rest. Let me tell you, these 80 seconds can be very long. 

At the end of each workout there is this countdown that signals the end of the workout – 3, 2, 1, rest and rotate. I have noticed how many people stop as soon the countdown starts but it is exactly these last few seconds that will make you stronger.

It is all about what you continue to do even though your mind tells you to stop. 

It is key to pace yourself and/or making sure to choose the right weight in order to be consistent to the very end. 

There are so many times when I think I can’t get through it and really want to stop but I won’t. I talk myself through it until the very last second. I tell myself, “Almost there, only a few more seconds, I am strong, I can do this, this will feel so good when I am done.” 

Remember, the mind gives up 1000 times before the body does. This is my way of conditioning myself to strengthen my mind and my body.

How is this relevant to you? 

At work we encounter the same thing. Sometimes challenges can be daunting. We seem to encounter one roadblock after the next. We want to give up. We get frustrated. We become super stressed. What you tell yourself in these situations can make all the difference.

Instead of telling yourself….

  • “This doesn’t work”, simply say, “There is a way to make this work. How can we find it?”
  • “I am a failure”, simply say, “I haven’t mastered it YET but I will.”
  • “I should have known that this won’t work”, simply say, “What can I learn from that?”
  • “We have to make it cheaper”, simply say, “How can we make it better?”
  • “This person isn’t smart enough”, simply say, “I wonder if this person plays to her/his strengths or weaknesses.” 
  • “This person has to change,” simply say, “How can I help this person improve?”
  • “I can’t do that”, simply say, “How can I learn to do that?”
  • “This is really difficult”, simply say, “There must be a better way. Any ideas how to find it? 
  • “They have the wrong approach,” simply say, “I am curious to learn why they want to approach it this way.” 

Business is a mental game. I encourage you to develop a mental strategy so that you can challenge your inner critic every day. 

What do you have to lose? 

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