Manufacture Your Day by BUILDING SOMEONE UP

Have you ever considered that stress has the ability to turn you into a very different person? 

Stress can make us impatient, frustrated and even angry – and that’s how we start to communicate with the people around us. It happens to me. It happens to you. It happens to all of us. 

We may tell people that they are too slow, not trustworthy, unreliable, not smart enough, lazy, messy or too distracted. 

It is important to know that your words can and will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Language does matter but when we are stressed we don’t really think what kind of words leave our mouth. Awareness will help.

Did you know that the self-worth of a person and the net-worth of a business are in direct correlation. Keep this in mind. How can you make progress with people who wallow in self-doubt?

Today I would like to encourage you to listen like you have never listened before. Come from a place with the intention to understand instead of to judge. Oh, the difference this will make. 

You can either lift people or you can tear them down. It’s a choice. 

What choice will you make today? What is your “build-up strategy”?

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