Today’s awareness assignment: 

Try to listen more to the people around you and how they speak about others. It will tell you a lot about them.

Have I ever been one of these people?


I engaged in corporate gossip while I still worked in the corporate world. I expressed my frustrations about others to people I trusted. I pointed fingers at others and took part in the blame game because it was so much easier than facing my own shortcomings. I whined. I complained. I was frustrated. I also had a really bad temper.

Have I told you too much about about me?

My point is that I have been far from perfect and that I have made some pretty big communication mistakes in the past. However, a big part of it all was that I was simply not aware.

Today I do my best to be more mindful about others needs and wants.

We cannot be too hard on ourselves because we are human.

We make mistakes, we are judgmental, we gossip and complaining can be contagious.

Oprah used to say, “I know for sure: when you talk about other people, you are really just talking about yourself.”

It’s true.

If you talk about others and you complain that their energy is negative, how positive are you? (complaining about complaining is also complaining);

If you talk about your boss and you say that he is an idiot. What does it say about you if you work for an idiot?

If you talk about one of your co-workers and you say that he/she isn’t a team player. What kind of team player are you when you share this kind of comments?

If you are the boss and you say that your workforce is stupid, look at the root cause. Have you hired them stupid or did they become stupid while working for you. 

Oprah’s thought has helped me to be more aware. I hope this does the trick for you as well.

Be mindful about the people around you!

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