Manufacture Your Day by BEING HAPPY

Each time I facilitate a 2-day workshop, the participants have to start the morning of day 2 by presenting a little summary of day 1 and/or a personal story related to the topic. 

This exercise is important because

  • it reinforces the learned material from day 1
  • people get to practise their presentation skills (great leaders = great presenters)
  • the audience has the opportunity to learn how to give constructive feedback with the goal to build people up instead of tearing them down
  • it is wonderful to see how fast people can get better
  • co-workers learn new things about each other and can put their personal spin on the training

I always have the opportunity to learn something from my participants  and today I would like to share a story about John. John is a team leader with 30+ years of international experience in the automotive industry, and here is the simple wisdom he presented to his audience. 

He smiled and said: 

“Learn to be happy on the inside so that management doesn’t notice that you are happy. Happiness is often perceived as not caring or not being busy enough. However, being upset doesn’t help stressful situations and at the end of the day it is all about being happy.” 

Sad story. True Story. Wise Story. There is nothing we can do, or can we? 

I think it is all about awareness. In forward-thinking organizations I see more joy and happiness in people’s personal and professional future. I really do!

This will also be the time when productivity will go through the roof.  Just saying!

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