Manufacture Your Day by BEING GRATEFUL

Happy Birthday to me….. 

A milestone birthday is the perfect opportunity to reflect. It’s true. I am grateful for all of it.

I constantly remind myself how much the most difficult times in my life have helped me to get to new heights, and that’s what I try to share with you. 

This year I will try a new experiment. From August 18 – August 25 my family and I will totally unplug from the internet. I am curious to see what happens. Nothing I assume. It’s time to practise what I preach. 

I am very grateful that I am happy and healthy. Can I ask for more?

I have noticed that I place more and more value on living a happy and joyful life. Isn’t this what it is all about?

When I am older I do not want to have any regrets and that’s why I have decided to….

  • worry less and travel more
  • stop caring so much about what others think
  • continue to care for my mental and physical health
  • tell the people close to me that I love them more often
  • express my feelings and help others to express theirs
  • live life with passion on a daily basis

Should some of these maybe be on your “no regrets list” as well? 

Here is to another year of leaving a sparkle in my messages and wherever I go! 

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