Manufacture Your Day by BEING ACTIVE

Control stress in the best possible way! Stress-induced emotions consume huge amounts of energy and decrease your productivity. If you exercise, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll sleep more soundly, improve your immune system and that you experience an increased level of happiness. 

30 km training run for me in the wind and cold temperatures this past Sunday. Overall I ran 62 km this past week, and my mileage will be getting longer. Getting Marathon ready while having fun along the way. I wish I could transfer the feeling to people who have never experienced it.

Why do I actually enjoy these long training runs?

It’s a great way to practice focus, commitment, dedication, endurance and mental strength as a business owner. 

What is your strategy to manage stress? You don’t have to be as crazy as I am but I hope it involves some kind of exercise outdoors (Vitamin D).

I care about you!




  1. Wolfgang says:

    Keep on running Karin. I am running with you in my mind. Makes me feel good knowing somebody that enjoys this.

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