Manufacture Your Day by BECOMING MENTALLY FIT

Have you ever noticed that life can be a real roller coaster ride?

No kidding, right? 

I am not sure about you but I constantly have to keep my anxious thoughts in check. Nothing in life is certain and the better we learn to tolerate uncertainty, the more enjoyable our life experience will be. 

Since I can remember I have always tried to be a good role model when it comes to physical fitness and I constantly try to challenge myself by doing things that I think I cannot do. This attitude makes me physically stronger but even more so, it makes me mentally strong. 

Having said this, the topic of mental fitness became more relevant for me when I started to train for my Ironman triathlon (3.8 km swim, 180 km on a road bike, 42.2 km run) almost 5 years ago. 

It gave me a really good understanding that the mind gives up 1000 times before the body does.  The mental preparation for this race was just as important as the physical training. 

When we listen to our self-talk without having a strategy in place it can be detrimental. “I can’t, I am tired, I give up, it won’t work”. If you don’t listen to yourself, you will be amazed how far you can actually go. 

Why don’t we use the “mental strength strategy” as a growth strategy for business? 

It is all about staying in control when it comes to our mental and emotional response. Super powerful stuff that requires practice but it does work.

Here is my advice on tolerating uncertainty by developing mental strength in your personal and professional life:

  • Ditch the “coulds”, “shoulds” and “woulds”: Replace them with “can”, “will” and “do”.
  • Find positive language patterns that empower you: If fearful thoughts creep in, reframe them into positive thoughts – for example I say, “I am not rejected, I am redirected” or “everything will work out in my/our best interest” or “doesn’t look that good at the moment but this is just another roadblock to overcome” or “I can learn a lot by conquering this challenge” or “I haven’t mastered it YET but I will”. 
  • Change the meaning you give to a situation: If uncertainty means discomfort to you, change the meaning. For me uncertainty is the spice of life, filled with surprises and happy endings. 

Do you notice the difference in the wording? It’s all about developing mental fitness in order to achieve organizational fitness. Trust the process!

Are you with me on that? 

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