Have you experienced times when life doesn’t seem to be in the flow?

Everything seems to be hard. Everything seems to be out of control. Everybody seems to be against you. 

Here is my advice: “Snap out of it.” 

If this happens, the outside world is trying to tell you something. When you experience pain it is a wonderful opportunity to learn and to grow. This is the time to look for mental strategies that help and support you during challenging times. 

I have totally been in the “victim mode” before and I cannot even tell you how sorry I felt for myself. I simply couldn’t understand, “Why is this happening to me?”

Have I ever told you that I spend a good part of the last 12 years in the self-help book section of my local bookstore? It was time well spent. One day I found one insight that changed my outlook on life. I learned to start asking myself different questions. 

You can be the victim of your life circumstances or you can become a victor. 

When I started to ask myself the question, “What is this trying to teach me?”, everything started to shift. 

If worked for me, so it might just work for you as well. 

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