Happy Monday!

You may have noticed that I bring up the topic of mental health on a fairly regular basis. I do it because I think this is extremely important. I always try to put a different spin on it but in case you are wondering, we learn best through repetition and I think it is critical to increase mental health awareness in the manufacturing industry.

How can people give their best if they are not at their best (emotionally, mentally and physically)? 

I have always liked to give back, and when I didn’t have the money to give back, I gave my time. Today I am super excited to announce that I have officially become a proud supporter of the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) by giving 10% of my revenue to the program “Not Myself Today”. My contribution will be monitored and CMHA will make sure that every penny I spend will go towards the manufacturing industry. I will also make sure to increase mental health awareness with my clients and new prospects by engaging them in good and meaningful conversations. 

I would like to share an email that I have recently received from one of my regular readers:

“I have been working for my company (automotive) for the past 9 years 10-12 hrs a day (add another 1-2 hrs at home), 50 out of 52 weekends  in a year I spent at work and almost all long weekends – just to keep everyone happy.  

Outcome? Chest pain, tension headache, panic attacks, frustrated mood, fights with my wife (ouch), and I can go on and on. Last summer the company announced a big change, which significantly reduced my hours.  Since then all headaches, chest pains, fights with wife are gone. Now I work 8 hour-days and I don’t have to work on weekends anymore. As a result I can lead a happier, healthier and more productive life.” 

If this story resonates with you, let me be clear, “It is not normal to work this kind of long hours on a regular basis.” I like to call that “modern day slavery”. However, there are also bosses who want their employees to go home but they don’t see a different way to finish their work and that’s why they work overtime. 

Please make sure to look after yourself and start monitoring how much time you spend at work. 

Long hours usually mean poor self-management. 

It may  benefit you to learn how to:

  • trust your team
  • develop your team members
  • delegate better
  • manage yourself better
  • manage your time better
  • set your boundaries
  • live life to the fullest – it’s all about work-life balance

You have only one life. Here is to you and your mental and physical well-being. 

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