Is there a ROI on training initiatives?

Of course there is!

I found interesting data and would like to share it with you:

I am always a little puzzled that so many companies still view training as an expense rather than an investment. I wonder if this is because previous training initiatives did not produce the expected results.

What would be the best way to shift people’s BMW (blaming, moaning, and whining) attitude into possibility thinking?
What if we are determined that a training initiative will yield the expected results?
What if we do everything it takes to create the attitude of a winning team?
What if we learn to have more respect for each other?

Here is my winning formula to attain, achieve, and maintain the outcomes you are looking for:

1. Determine the gap – Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
2. Commit (and I really mean commit with your body, mind and spirit) to an end goal
3. Develop a plan with a deadline
4. Communicate the plan along with measurable objectives and outline the benefits for the whole team to your people
5. Ask, ask, ask for the input of your people and HEAR what they have to say
6. Monitor the process and enjoy being a part of it
7. Personal Development is a must
8. Celebrate little successes along the way with the whole team
9. Goal Achievement
10. Sustain and strive to become even better

Always remember, you differentiate yourself from your competition by being more driven and prepared.

Don’t let your competitor be ahead of the game!

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