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In order to change people’s perception, 
we have to start painting a different picture of the manufacturing industry.
~ Karin Lindner
I am proud to say that I finished writing my book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? A Mindset of Passion and Purpose”. It’s now in the final stages and will be on the market very soon. 

It is time for change and to make people think! I understand that it may be easier to point the blame at others than assuming responsibility. However, I do believe that we all have to take full responsibility for what’s happening. Every single one of us is part of the big picture.  

I have started to share my unconventional insights and observations with the General Public at various Toastmaster and Rotary Clubs. Recently I also had the opportunity to speak at the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) and on February 23 I will speak at the CTMA (Canadian Tooling & Machining Association).

I believe most people in the industry are not aware how negative people’s perception about the manufacturing industry really is. It is astounding how much I find out during and after my talks. Whenever I ask people outside of the manufacturing industry what comes to their mind when they think about manufacturing I hear words such as dull, boring, mindless jobs, dirty, long hours, unsafe, shift work, no education, assembly line, pollution, and the list goes on.

Obviously this is still the mindset of the industrialized age and most people don’t seem to realize that we have already entered the knowledge worker age a couple of years ago. 

In the picture above you see the inside of the most innovative factory in the world – the transparent Volkswagen Factory in Dresden, Germany. It is half assembly plant, half museum. Highly automated, glass wherever you look, white overalls for the workers and Canadian Maple hardwood floor. This is the image that we should have in mind when we think about manufacturing because this is the future.

After my presentation people feel inspired and they tell me, “You have taught us newfound respect for manufacturing”, “I have never looked at manufacturing this way”, “You made us aware that this could be an interesting and rewarding career choice for our children”, or “You gave us a lot to think about today.”

Can we be surprised when people don’t encourage their children to go into an industry that displays this kind of image? They are simply not aware about the opportunities and what the future will bring. 

Manufacturing environments are changing and progressive companies “get it” and go with the times.

However, in too many manufacturing facilities people lack hope, they don’t have a voice and more often than not they are looked at as bodies and not as minds. On the other hand it’s exhausting for management teams to get their workforce to go above and beyond. 

Doesn’t it make a lot of sense that when you can make a job, a product or service, and a business “appealing”, “wanted”, or even “coveted” by future apprentices, employees, employers, and customers that you have found the key to success? It is surprising what’s possible with the right mindset, attitude and drive. If we would have more sexy leadership, we would have more sexy businesses, and with that more sexy employee attitudes that could result in a sexier tomorrow.

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