Does Ethics Need Promotion?

Allow me to give you an example of different ethics:

Take the executive who has been educated in the best schools, knows where to shop and always looks his best. He is comfortable dining in the finest restaurants and is at ease in all situations. He is a natural salesman, networker, and he can remember the name of everyone he meets. He is driven to succeed and he will – at all costs. However, he may have been the executive at Enron encouraging his employees to buy stocks while he was selling.

Then there is another type of executive, who may not be quite as polished. He’s a little less relaxed at the company cocktail party and may not end his career in the corner office. However, his goals are customer and employee satisfaction. He is honest and proud of the decisions he makes. He could use a little improvement in the business etiquette area, but he passes the mirror test. He can look himself in the mirror and is comfortable with what he sees.

What do you think?

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