Complimentary Webinar “Employee Engagement is not Rocket Science”

Karin Lindner in cooperation with
Western Illinois University-Quad Cities

“Our expectations determine the gap between what we want and what we get.”
~ Karin Lindner
“Please check your brain at the door.” No one ever says that to employees that directly, right?

Not really, instead management sends that message loud and clear every day through multiple interactions.  Why? Because too many people in management positions think employees are mentally lazy and only want to put in time to collect a paycheck and employees, hearing that message, respond accordingly. 

On a positive note, let’s say you are one of those who feel your people probably have some good ideas, would like to benefit from those ideas, but are struggling to make it happen. Merely asking them for their ideas doesn’t work because there are too many contradictory messages. It requires a change in the environment to one where your employees want to contribute ideas and the management team encourages it. The solution? Create an REO (Ripple Effect Outcome)

If you are interested in learning more, join us for an informative one-hour Webinar where I will provide an overview of my very effective approach to opening the door to the power of Employee Engagement.  I will explain why both sides need to participate in the REO process. I will describe how using the right tools and techniques combined with self-discipline and willpower are the keys to tapping the ideas your employees bring to work every day.  

Employee Engagement is not Rocket Science ~ How to Engage People’s Hearts and Minds!
1-Hour Complimentary Webinar, September 30, 2011, 12.30 pm CDT / 1.30 pm EDT

Awareness Objectives:
·       Clarify the True Meaning of Employee Engagement
·       Recognize the Power of Changing Your Perspective
·       Realize “Why” the Heads Don’t Connect with the Hands
·       Identify the Difference between Training and Learning
·       Discover the Secret to having Highly Engaged Employees

Some of Karin’s Publications:

“Excellence is not a Skill. It’s an Attitude” – Manufacturing Automation Magazine, January 5, 2010
“Addressing the Impending Skills Trade Shortage,, January 24, 2011
“The Cause of Success” –, March 4, 2011”
“Perception is a Funny Thing” –, March 18, 2011
Co-Author with Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey in the book “Discover Your Inner Strengths”
Author of the book: “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?” – to be published by the end of 2011 

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