How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?

Sexy manufacturing? For some, this may sound contradictory but in her book, Karin Lindner outlines that in reality, every organization needs an element of sexiness.

The dictionary defines sexy as ‘generally attractive or interesting; exciting, appealing, trendy’. It is the creation of an initial interest. Now more than ever, it is time to rethink, redefine, and thereby rediscover the sexiness of our manufacturing industry.

In general, a job in manufacturing seems to have the same connotation as that of a garbage man. We all know that garbage collection is important and necessary, but it’s not a job that we would persuade our own children to consider.

Rather than being viewed as an important cornerstone to our wealth and prosperity, a career in manufacturing is looked upon as a possible option for those who are not smart enough to go to university.

This may have been true in the past, but it no longer applies today because skilled trades truly are excellent career options.

Written from the heart with personal stories and experiences, Lindner is not shy to point out that it is time to stop pointing fingers and start becoming more proactive.

Parents, young adults, educators, guidance counselors and countless others must be made aware of the incredible opportunities that exist in the manufacturing industry.

Make sure to watch Karin’s interview on the American Innovator broadcast


“A great read!! And a must for all manufacturing managers who would like to know how to print money! Having been fortunate enough to live, work and run manufacturing facilities in Africa, Asia, Europe (East and West), UK, NA and Mexico, I found the content in your book to be very much in line with my experiences.”
Chris Heathcote, VP Operations at Polytainers Inc

“Karin Lindner has provided excellent big picture prescriptions in her book ‘How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy’ These include building an inclusive corporate culture employing the Golden Rule, and focusing on innovative thinking.”
Ron A Straatsma, Principal at CDA Market Services

“I highly recommend Karin’s new book ‘How Can We Make Maunfacturing Sexy?’ because the content will bring many “aha” moments to light. As referenced in the book, anyone that has a stake in an organization should take notes, use sticky notes, etc to communicate to others the importance of making/keeping manufacturing in the U.S.
Karin has presented the material in this book to ensure that it can be understood by the Upper Management and the Workforce. The key is to read this book more than once because it is like a good movie – “The more you watch it, the more things you learn’.”
Joe Karpinski Jr, Application Sales Project Engineer at SeproAmerica

“Karin’s passion for engaging people to improve the business is strong. Couple that with her strong belief that manufacturing products where they are sold is essential to having a strong economy and you get a great book, “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy?” The book is a strong testament to the respect for people pillar of lean. Change our leadership style from command and control to developing our employees and engage them in the improvement process is a strong message that they lean community has been sending out and this book helps it even more.”
Matt Wrye, Lean Strategy and Implementation Manager at Hallmark Cards


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