Manufacture Your Day by STOP FOCUSING WHO’S AT FAULT


Do you have the “owl-syndrome” (WhoWhoWho)? Who’s at fault?

It’s not about “who”, it’s about “how” to prevent it from happening again.

Manufacturing & Generation Y: A Matter of Perception

Take a moment to listen to the voices in the industry:

“Our young people today don’t want to work hard.”

“They are not interested in a manufacturing job.”

“They are lazy and don’t go the extra mile.”

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Manufacturing: How Women Can Help Spark a Troubled Industry

Many of you may not know this, but when you go to a manufacturing expo or conference, you will rarely find a line-up outside the women’s washroom. What an eye-opener this is. While this may be a tremendous advantage to most of us women, it is also a disturbing reality in the manufacturing industry in this day and age.

Women are underrepresented in many segments of the manufacturing industry. This needs to change. [Read more…]

Manufacturing with Our New Generation: Let’s Get Real

“I’ve had five managers in three years of employment at this company. I feel that I have talents that are going to waste and sitting idle because of lack of leadership and organizational focus.”

How would you feel if one of the young engineers in your company had the courage to tell you that?

Would you be surprised?

Would you be offended?

Would you be intrigued?

The coolest thing about being so engaged in revitalizing the manufacturing industry is that our young generation has also started to follow what I have to say. They are very interested in getting my perspective on some of the challenges they face. [Read more…]

The New Reality: A Lack of Skill but No Lack of Excuses

What is one of the most discussed topics in newspapers, magazines, association meetings and all over the internet when it comes to the future of manufacturing? Yes, you guessed right, it is the lack of a skilled workforce.

It amazes me that everyone talks about the lack of a skilled workforce but no one considers the real issue and that is the lack of skilled management. After all, this isn’t new, the fact is that it’s been a brewing dilemma for decades yet with a few exceptions here and there, next to nothing has been done about it. In the past, immigrants with specialized skills and knowledge brought along their expertise but is this really something we want to rely on? Are we comfortable with the future we are creating for our children? Is it really only about money or is there a bigger responsibility that comes into play? [Read more…]

The Value of Women in Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is facing a tremendous shortage of skilled employees. As a result, it can no longer afford to ignore the desire, talent and energy of anyone, male or female, who is passionate about making a difference in this vital industry.

A diverse team collaborating on a project promotes creativity, turns talkers into listeners, and helps everyone look at things from different perspectives.

Wouldn’t more women in leadership roles be highly advantageous for our organizations and the economy? There is no question about it that women could significantly make this industry more appealing. Women think, behave and act differently and that’s what’s needed.

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Addressing The Skilled Trades Shortage

Have you ever wondered how we can give manufacturing the recognition and attention it deserves? Have you ever wondered if we’re doing everything we can to attract the next generation of skilled workers to the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing is interesting, challenging, motivational, and an excellent place to learn and grow. It is all about mindset, attitude, innovation and creativity, and making a quality product. But the manufacturing industry has to do a better job of marketing itself. [Read more…]

Making Manufacturing Sexy

In today’s hectic work environment, quick fixes are often favored over long-term solutions. Immediate improvements can be had when band-aid solutions are used to put out the fires, but these fixes rarely last. Short-term gain very often results in long-term pain. Management can no longer rely on old solutions because the problems we are facing in this fast-paced, competitive business environment are new. [Read more…]